"Whoever believes in me will

do the works that I do." What

were th works that Jesus did?

Miracles, sometimes, but what

were the essence of these

miracles? Caring for the sick,

comforting for the sorrowful,

feeding the hungry...much of

Jesus' ministry was spent in

carring out what we call the

works of mercy. But He did

more than that; He also

preached and publicly shared

the good news, He fostered

fellowship and community,

and He prayed. All of this

makes a kind of plan of

action for us as Christians.

As Jesus says today, if we

truly believe in Him, we

will follow in His footsteps

and do these same things.

What this all suggests is

that belief itself-having

faith, being Christian--

is only part of he picture.

Jesus expects us to take this

fait and put it into concrete,

practical action. Apparently

this goes hand in hand with

real. It actions don't follow,

then faith is not being lived

to its fullest.

This of course presents a real

challenge. Our lives are busy

and and our plates are full,

just with the tasks and

demands of daily existence.

It can seem like a burden to

serve others, to share the

Gospel, to be actively involved

in a faith community, to find

time to pray. But these are

meant to be priorities for

true desciples of Christ.

And as many will testify,

when we sincerely ask God

to help us get or priorities

in order, He has a way of

miraculously multiplying our

time. Somehow, we find the

opportunities right before

us to follow God's will and

bring our faith to life.

That simple prayer of asking

for help may be where we need

to start. The first step is

not so much to fill our calendar

as to fill our hearts, or just

to pray that God will fill our

hearts, with the desire to

to "do the works" of Jesus.