God Hears Us. By Deacon Bruce McElrath.

God Hears Us
“Taste and see” does not mean, “Check out God’s credentials.” Instead, it is a warm invitation: “Try this; I know you’ll like it.” When we take the first step of obedience in following God, we cannot help discovering that He is good and kind. When we begin the Christian life, our knowledge of God is partial and incomplete. As we trust Him daily, we experience how good He is.

We say we belong to the Lord, but do we show reverence to Him? To revere the Lord means to show deep respect and honor to Him. We demonstrate true reverence by our humble attitude and genuine worship. Reverence was shown by Abraham (Genesis 17:2-4), Moses (Exodus 3:5, 6), and the Israelites (Exodus 19: 16-24). Their reactions to God’s presence varied, but all deeply respected Him.

We must remember that God never informed us that we will have everything that we want but, we do know that all those who call upon God in their need God will answer, sometimes in unexpected ways.
Remember God knows what we need, and our deepest needs are spiritual. Many Christians, even though they face unbearable poverty and hardship, still have enough spiritual nourishment to live for God. If you have God, you have all you really need. God is enough!

We Need God More Than We Need Our Immediate Desires.

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