07.20.2014. A Tribute to the Effectiveness of God's Word. By Reverend Andrew C. Smith, Jr.

Good Morning Holy Angels:

In today's first reading there is a tribute to the effectiveness of God's word. The Prophet Isaiah tells us that God's word will not come back void, but do God's will. The message behind the reading therefore, is that the word of God has a purpose; a purpose that is to be realized every time we hear the word.

In our second reading, St. Paul says that all creation is groaning in labor pains. Paul says all creation is awaiting a share in the freedom of the children of God. What we experience now is only the first fruit of the Spirit. We are awaiting a reality that is more than we could imagine.

In today's gospel, we hear the parable of the sower. A parable means to place alongside of. It's an illustration alongside a truth. It's an earthly story with heavenly meaning. It's a physical illustration of a spiritual concept.

The parables of Jesus are essentially stories based on true to life situations. They offer a challenge to us to find a deeper meaning in Christ's teaching regarding the Kingdom of God.

Today's parable of the sower makes it clear that God offers the Kingdom to all. The seed is scattered throughout the area. The seed is the word of God, and when the word of God finds rich soil, there is an incredible harvest.

Unfortunately, the seed does not always find rich soil. When Jesus narrated the parable of the sower, he gave four types of soil: seed on the path, seed of rocky ground, seed among thorns, and seed on rich soil.

The obstacle to understanding represented by the seed on the path is the intervention of the devil. The seed on rocky ground is the lack of adequate commitment, and the seed among thorns is too much concern about this world and its wealth.

My sisters and brothers, we are a mixture of sin and grace, a field of varying soils. Sometimes we do not feel sure of ourselves. There is in us seed sown along the path, rocky ground, and seed sown among thorns; soil incapable of fruitfulness, but there is rich soil in us from which much fruitfulness does rise. Let's be rich soil and bear much fruit!

Christ's peace,

Fr. Drew